Vantiv offers a wide variety of in-store payment technologies ranging from stand-alone devices to integrated POS solutions. We partner with the leading payment terminal providers and over 800 Integrated Software Vendors. When it comes to cards, we utilize the latest in EMV chip technologies to help stop in-store fraudulent activity in its tracks.

Card payment processing for all types

Visualize your customers. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the ways they prefer to pay at the point of sale. This is exactly why Vantiv offers you many types of credit card terminals and payment processing solutions.

Credit card acceptance granted.

Navigating the world of payment processing doesn’t have to be your job anymore. Thanks to our unified technology payment platform, we’ve become the expert at making accepting credit cards in your store or business simple and secure, so you can go about business as usual and accept in-store payments easily.

  • Process payments quickly and efficiently while letting your customers pay with the credit card of their choice.
  • Accept credit cards in store standards: Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®.
  • Process Fleet cards, including Voyager, Wright Express, Fleet One, and more.
  • Accept business, corporate, and purchasing cards with ease, including Level II and Level III data.

Accepting credit cards in your business has never been easier.

With Vantiv, you can accept the most common payment types, payment technologies and card brands while enjoying reliable uptime and real-time transaction viewing in-store. Vantiv provides enterprise-class payment solutions for small and large businesses. And we’re backed by excellent customer service, so any question or issue is handled at the speed of business—and that’s fast.

Benefits of Vantiv card payment acceptance:

  • Fast processing and payment funding
  • Competitive rates
  • Secure transactions
  • Highly scalable
  • Technology choice flexibility

Always on the Fraud Lookout

Welcome to the no-fraud zone. We’ve developed the ultimate in protection to keep transactional information on lock down from criminals. Our credit card processing solutions help create and maintain a secure payment network—one that removes your customers’ card data from unwanted parties, reduces the risk of card-present counterfeit charges and helps protect your business from the financial loss of a breach.

OmniShield Assure

Proactively protect your brick-and-mortar business from the risks of the top four payment security threats: cardholder data breaches, PCI non-compliance, fraudulent charges and financial loss.

Reporting on the payments and credit card transactions.

Vantiv iQ is an online, self-service platform that can transform the way you manage all facets of electronic payments. It’s a comprehensive solution that gives actionable insights into running your business more efficiently.

  • DATA AT YOUR FINGERTIPS – Get access to critical information anytime, anywhere to manage virtually every aspect of your business.
  • CUSTOMIZATION – Reconfigure high-level metrics the way you want to, so you can view payments data and act quickly.
  • SELF-SERVICE REPORTING TOOL – Access and share interactive resources, informative industry content and more within your payments ecosystem.
  • PROACTIVE NOTIFICATIONS AND ALERTS – Receive alerts regarding chargebacks, statements and reports, plus gather intelligence at the click of a button.
  • ANALYTICS FOR ACTION PLANNING – View snapshots of your payment processing activity/history, pull key historical reports containing valuable information related to reconciliation, interchange management, fees, possible fraud, exception handling and more.

Customer Service

Answers at your fingertips. Access through a click. End-to-end excellence defines the goal of our customer experience. From customer and technical support to reporting and online access, we provide the know-how and the how-to help you.

Your pay in-store solution.

Vantiv is all about making the payment experience the best it can be. And that means being available for your needs and questions 24/7/365. Between our knowledgeable US-based customer support and our new Support Video Library featuring how-to videos, there’s no issue we can’t tackle together.