Cloud-based Point of Sale software that easily adapts to support the evolving needs of customers.

With Brink POS software, your brand will be prepared to quickly implement the latest technology your customers expect. The Cloud is not just a technology platform, but part of an overall evolution in culture and lifestyle for consumers you can adapt into your POS system.

As a cloud-based POS software solution, Brink does not require a back office computer, and all your data is safe, secure, and accessible in the cloud. Adopting the PAR SaaS, or Software as a Service model, Brink POS is provided as a monthly subscription, and will proudly earn your business every month. There are no upfront licensing fees, and upgrades are included and performed automatically.

What happens if your internet goes down? Don’t worry, Brink POS will continue to operate in “offline” mode and then automatically synchronize all data and transactions when the connection is restored.

Online and Mobile Ordering
The Brink POS online ordering module is part of the POS system, which means you only need to setup your menu once!

No need to worry about 3rd party integrations. The same discounts and promotions you offer in your restaurant can easily be made available online. Your customer’s loyalty account is also their online ordering account. Loyalty rewards and order history are all in one single location.

Both regular desktop online ordering and mobile ordering is available to the guest, so they can order from either their computer or their smart phone.

Orders placed online are automatically sent to the kitchen at the correct time based on the customer’s requested pickup time.

The Brink POS loyalty features allow you to create a wide variety of reward programs that keep your customers coming back again and again.

Some of the supported loyalty program configurations include:

You’ll keep in constant contact with your customers through automated loyalty related emails, which are an excellent way to remind and encourage a guest to return to your restaurant.

Enterprise Reporting
Brink POS enterprise reporting makes it easy to manage and generate reports for one or multiple locations. You are in full control of defining how your data is consolidated; by city, state, region, country, etc.

All reports are real-time, so your information is as current and as up to date as possible. Quickly analyze sales, labor, kitchen performance, and much more to help you effectively operate your business.

Multi-Unit Management
Brink POS makes menu management and system configuration across multiple units quick and easy with our unique technology.

With Brink POS you only need to make your system changes once, as opposed to making menu changes over and over again, or changing at each individual location.

Whether you have two locations, or thousands of locations, this is the tool you need to efficiently manage your POS menu.